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Child custody matters sadly have a high frequency of contention and conflict among the parties.  This is unfortunate since at the heart of the issue the idea is to look out for the best interest of the child. Child custody matters are ultimately decided on by a judge, a single person.  They make the final decision as to whom will have custody of the child. The court appearances, arguments and motions filed are all part of the process to paint a picture to the judge to make their ruling.  It is paramount the attorney you choose has good reputation in the court room as honest, sincere, consistent, and ethical.  In matters such as family law and child custody, the word of the attorney and the reputation that backs it has weight in the courtroom.  After all, the judge has the great burden and responsibility to decide and rule in the child's best interest.  A natural part of making that decision is in listening to the right people whose words and assessments can be trusted (like expert witnesses and seasoned attorneys). That's why its crucial to pick the right child custody attorney OKC for your situation.

It is All About the Child

It is common for divorcing parties to begin to bad mouth each other, and try and convince the judge their counterpart is unworthy.  But this practice, and the anger and hatred behind it, can also become character statements about the aggressor.  It is important to understand a child custody case isn't about you.  It is all about the child.  Often times the judge could care less about the bad things ex spouses throw around.  However once that information can be shown to effect the child then you have the judges attention - their full attention.  This is because their primary function is to what is best for the child.  Knowing this upfront, and with an experienced attorney positions you for the best outcomes and presentations with the judge assigned to your case.  Let the counseling of child custody attorney OKC William R. Pierce guide your impulses so the best, and truest character can present itself - the character that is best for the child.

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When the custody matter is a contentious one it is easy to fall into the trap of being combative and strategizing against the other party.  Since the child support that is often associated with custody issues, is tax free, this too becomes a financial reason to 'own the child'.  All to often the child becomes a financial pawn, an instrument to harm the other party.  The idea of guardian ad litem (basically an attorney for the child in a divorce) is designed to help protect the child even further by having an independent third part look out for their interests.  Child custody isn't a chess game to win, it is a process to protect the innocent.

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