Domestic Violence Attorney OKC

Domestic Violence Attorney OKC

When someone commits the crime of assault and battery against a related or closely associated victim, the crime can constitute domestic abuse in Oklahoma. Any sort of threat of assault must be paired with an actual physical movement, like the lifting of a fist, for it to be a crime of domestic violence. Simply yelling threats will likely not be enough to file charges. William R. Pierce, domestic violence attorney OKC can help you - call us today at (405) 283-2324 or use our Contact Form.

In Oklahoma, a related or close associated victim can be:

  • Spouse or ex-spouse, or ex-spouse’s new spouse
  • Family member related through blood, marriage, or foster relationship
  • Current or former partner or significant other
  • Current or former roommate or housemate
  • Anyone who shares a child with the offender

Have you been accused of domestic violence or abuse in Oklahoma? You could soon be penalized with heavy penalties, including $5,000 in fines and at least one year incarceration. To make certain your rights are not overlooked on the road ahead, team up with Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney William R. Pierce and our law firm today. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Pierce has insight and experience that few other criminal defenders in the area can claim.

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Falsified Accusations of Domestic Abuse

As unthinkable as it might be, there are many instances in which someone will make false accusations of domestic abuse. Why would anyone want to do try to wrongly pin such a serious crime on someone else? For the most part, false accusations can be related back to family law disputes, especially those including child custody matters.

If someone is accused of domestic abuse, then a family law court will want to stray from assigning any parental rights to them. By making a false claim, a jilted spouse could try to more easily gain full child custody rights. As a lawyer also experienced in divorce cases, Attorney Pierce has a unique perspective when acting as a criminal defense attorney in domestic abuse cases that can be linked to child custody battles.

Steadfast Defense with a Domestic Violence Attorney OKC

People accused of domestic abuse are usually seen as a guilty party before any sort of investigation begins. This will put you in an unfair position, but do not worry. With our Oklahoma City criminal defense lawyer acting on your behalf and leading the way, you can be confident that your case will be ready for anything and capable of going up against any opposition. You deserve justice and a fair chance to tell your side of the story. You deserve William R. Pierce, Attorney at Law - domestic violence attorney OKC.