Adoption Attorney OKC

Adoption is the wonderful process of completing a family.  It is amazing act of love that connects children with good parents.  The legal proceedings involved may be come as a surprise to some.  It is very involved and with many steps.  Which it should be, we are talking about children after all.  Adoption attorney OKC, William Pierce knows his way through the adoption maze, with complete understanding of the many laws and processes in place  Don't let the creation of your new family be hindered by a inexperienced attorney.  The adoption OKC process unfortunately isn't an easy one.

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Family Adoptions

Often time this deals with step parents or other family members desiring to adopt a child in the family.  Sometimes this is an appropriate option if the child's parent is deceased or incarcerated.  William Pierce's experience in Oklahoma Family Adoptions gives him unique insight into the caveats of family dynamics.  When it comes to adoptions, William is truly a counselor and advisor.

Infant Adoptions

Knowing that a child will be given up for adoption before it is born is a mature decision that ensures everyone is taking the best path.  It is an understandably scary time and William R. Pierce has the kindness and gentle compassion to explain the process and give you peace of mind.   Trust the process to him, so you can relax.

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DHS Adoptions

An Oklahoma DHS Adoption is when the state steps in for the protection of a child and seeks a better home placement.  This is often times due to abusive situations.  It is tragic we have children that suffer such abusive treatment, but thankfully we have a process that can remove them from that environment and onto loving arms.  Let William's Pierce's adoption OKC experience lead the way.  Each case is unique and sensitive and each time William Pierce has answered the challenge.

International Adoptions

Of course there are children all over the world who need loving families and homes.  William Pierce has years of experience in international adoptions. International adoptions are far more complex than domestic adoptions.  All the same domestic rules apply, with the added complexity of the child's country of origin.  All societies love their children and many laws, regulations and procedures will protect them.  Adoption attorney OKC, William Pierce knows the maze and how to achieve the smoothest experience possible.  An adoption is defined by transition.  Let William handle all the stress.

Adoption Attorney OKC

Bringing up another's child as one's own.