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Some family disputes remain in the four walls of a home, but others end up in front of a judge in a court. For serious situations, you need a serious lawyer, like William R. Pierce, Family Law Attorney OKC. As one of the best, he offers a compassionate representation for your family that still delivers.

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If you are confused about whether or not you need an attorney for your family law situation, there is a way to best answer your question. First, decide what kind of problem is going on at home. Is it a problem or negotiation that cannot be solved between the two parties at home? If not, it is likely that William R. Pierce is the solution for you. Second, it is easier to decide what the problem is occurring in the family by narrowing it down to several categories.

For example, family law is so broad that it encompasses a range of areas such as marriage, contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, property division, guardianship, adoption, paternity claims, divorce modifications, and others. It is important to have an family law attorney OKC who is well versed in all the disciplines that fall under family law.

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Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce is the kind of divorce that is quick and easy. Both spouses agree on all issues concerning said divorce, such as the property division and debts, child custody, child support, and alimony. While it sounds simple though, it is important to have a local attorney who knows Oklahoma law well to successfully complete the divorce. For example, there are certain guidelines to approving a divorce such as the Oklahoma law that at least one of the parties must have been a state resident in Oklahoma for at least six months.

Contested Divorce

A bit trickier, contested divorce is the kind of divorce where the spouses cannot agree on their divorce issues and need a judge in court to make the decisions for them. A local attorney is needed in this case because of the lengthy process a contested divorce has. For example, there is a lot of preparing, filing, and serving paperwork, having a pre-trial, hearings, a court trial, and maybe even an appeal. Having a seasoned lawyer on your side can alleviate any tensions this may cause the family.

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Child Custody

This kind of family law can get tricky, and heavily emotional. There are four types of child custody to understand. Sole legal custody allows one parent to have the right to make legal decisions for the child’s life while joint legal custody allows both parents to have this right. If a parent has sole physical custody, the child lives with one parent while the other has specific visitation rights but joint physical custody means that the child resides with each parent for a certain amount of time in the calendar year.

In Oklahoma, if there is no child custody order from the court, both parents are equally entitled to physical custody of any children born during the marriage or born to the parents before a marriage where there is an agreement that the husband is the father. If a spouse wants a certain type of child custody, a local lawyer is needed to ask the court for a Petition for Custody and understand the Oklahoma-specific laws involved with it.

Child Support

While child support is the monetary support for the child paid by the parent who does not have physical child custody, there are certain guidelines in Oklahoma to follow. A lawyer can submit an “Application for Child Support Services Overview” to the Oklahoma Central Case Registry, which then assigns the case to a child support office. A local lawyer like William R. Pierce will also review with their client specifically how Oklahoma calculates how much child support should be given, and other Oklahoma-specific laws.

Property Division

As one of the most difficult parts of any divorce, Oklahoma is different in the way they handle property division between two spouses. The state uses the concept of equitable division to determine who gets what, primarily based on the needs, income, and contributions of each party. If there are children involved, that is also taken into account in the property division decision. The courts will accept a written agreement on how everything is divided, and an Oklahoma Family Law attorney, can help with that process as well.


Amongst the types of family law, there is the question of guardianship, the legal proceeding where a court appoints a person to take care of another person and/or their property. There are three kinds of guardianship that your lawyer can help you decide is best for you. General guardianship is a guardianship over the other person and their property in Oklahoma. Limited guardianship allows the guardian limited powers over the other person and their property. Special guardianship is where a guardian is appointed for an emergency purpose and doesn’t last for more than 10 days.

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Adoption, the legal process that permanently places a child with a family that has legally and emotionally accepted the child as their own, has certain Oklahoma-specific laws that could impact the process. For example, anyone over the age of 21 can adopt a child. Additionally, Oklahoma has three types of adoptions. Related adoption is when at least one of the adoptive parents is related by blood or marriage to the child, like step-parent adoption. Unrelated adoption is when the child is adopted by unrelated parents, usually requires a lawyer and/or an adoption agency. Adult adoption is when an adult person is adopted by another adult person as long as there is an agreement.

Paternity Claims

Oklahoma recently changed their paternity claims legislature in 2006 with the Uniform Parentage Act (UPA). With this new law, forms were improved to capture data elements and enhance data security, and others had form names changed. A local lawyer can best help you maneuver these changes.

Having paternity claims secured can help with a larger family law case at hand. It can also benefit the whole family, such as providing legal documentation of the child’s natural parents, ensuring support from both parents, and improves overall financial security.

Divorce Modifications

If something were to change after the final divorce decree, having a lawyer on your side can help with the divorce modifications. For example, if either party wants to change how much alimony is being given to the other spouse, a local lawyer can help with the divorce modifications. Another example includes custody, visitation, and child support, all of which can be modified after the final divorce decree. With William R. Pierce on your side, the process will be efficient and effective for your family.

Having a Trustworthy Family Law Attorney OKC

With such sensitive and important problems on your hand, it is important to have William R. Pierce on your side so you can relax knowing you are being well represented in an Oklahoma court. Family law conflicts can be scary and William R. Pierce is here to help you right through it.

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